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walking down isle
reccie wedding stuff is hard to make a final decision on. 
Well...I have a dress....I would post a pic of me in it...but I share a computer with Jeff so...I really dont want him stumbling upon it. I love my dress. Its white and a peridot green sash....its dress style number at David's bridal is 9T9218. I love it.
My MOH is wearing  Peridot colored dress  and my 4 matrons are in a truffel colored dress. 
I dont have a wedding location or a reception location.......
Im pretty sure I want a morning a brunch reception. I have lots of ideas on that.....My tables will all feature diffrent board games that Jeff and I love to play. So people can eat and play games and dance on the dance floor if they choose to.
Oh the date is October 11 just incase no one knew.
I have a groom....
I have a pastor
I know what shoes im wearing.
I know what the guys are suits...i dont like tuxes.....with peridot ties
We are writting our own vows. 
We have already finished couples counceling and the prematial counceling
I need to talk about jewlery to redthought 
I need to work on invites and announcements
I need to work on my addresses and getting addresses (hint hint to those who wanna come or get an invite)
The hardest part right now is a photographer. Its so expencive to have someone take pictures and all that jazz. 
and so much more needs to be done
its just alot of work for someone working full time and taking care of an almost 7 month old.

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Congrats! I'm so happy for you!

I know your mom has my current address. You know, hint, hint. :)

Hey, you can call me about the jewelry, and we can talk, or I can spam your email with pics of stuff that I have done that I haven't posted on Etsy yet, so you can get ideas.

I love that dress! Gorgeous!

I can do a really awesome set of jewelry for you, and for the MOH/matrons... and I'm serious, it's my wedding present to you.

Is the wedding in GA or MA?

Also, with it being in October, my gem supplier is having a sale next month, which means I can pick up stones for teh cheap if we get some ideas.


Oh my God yes.....I dont think I have your number anymore. Ive had phone issues and so ive lost alot of numbers i did have. Also its been a while since ive talked to you on the phone....

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